Hey Meanie!

Yeah, YOU, I’m talking to YOU! I’m talking to the voice inside of you that wants to look like you did when you were 16. You are kind of a bully! We don’t like bullies, do we? Odds are that you are sabotaging your CURRENT REAL SELF in order to hang on to those daydreams. You will NEVER SUCCEED. Know why? You AREN’T 16!  It is a hard process, but learning to accept and love your body for where it is now is the way to success.

This is a tough conversation to have; but we need to talk about this. Consider this like a “The More You Know” commercial or an after-school special on the cruelty of self-bullying.

Maybe you look in the mirror and think “why bother?” Or maybe you compare pictures from “now” to pictures from “then”.



Do you feel like you “just don’t have the energy”? … and then you beat yourself up about it…. and feel worse.



We don’t HAVE to be “skinny” anymore… quit doing this….. quit starving your body….


Why listen to magazines, television ads, and celebrities…. when you can listen to your own body…?


 Fly the “I’m Awesome” flag with pride. Know that you will never be the same – but you can be BETTER.




Consider what would happen if you stopped running over your own dreams…


And you started to believe in yourself and find success in all that you do?


Keep being amazing! You’ll go places – no matter what age!