Because there are so many ways to be strong

Strength Camp

Spring Strength Camp starts on 3/28!!!
Seasonal Strength Camps!
What could you accomplish with more strength, agility, flexibility, stamina, and balance?
Enjoy the long hike you’ve been meaning to take?
Go sledding with your kids or grand kids?
Carry the massive bag of dog food from your car to the garage?
Stop saying “no” and start saying “YES” to adventure?

Each Strength Camp includes:

  • 1: 30 min check-in with Stacey at the start of camp
  • 1: 30 min check-in at the end of camp
  • Up to 10 Online Small Group Training sessions each week* (7:10am and 10:10am Pacific Mon.-Fri.)
  • Live ADAPTIVE fitness, personalized attention, meticulous attention to form and safety, and interactive workouts.
  • An awesome community of incredible people of all types. We value diversity! LGBTQIA and BIPOC friends warmly welcomed.
  • No judgment, shaming, diets, or weightloss rhetoric. We embrace body positivity/neutrality. Our community is centered in developing trust in and acceptance of our bodies.
  • Online community group for support
  • Bonus Workshops
  • An accountability buddy (if you’d like one)
  • Access to workout recordings

Hello! I’m Stacey

Certified Personal Trainer & Integrative Wellness Coach

I’m a woman on a mission to help people feel awesome. I believe that we all deserve to be happy, healthy, and to live with ease. Bodies come in all different varieties and so do goals. No matter where you are – I will meet you there and give you the support and resources to keep you safe, comfortable, and having fun. Whether you are an exhausted entrepreneur, a busy parent, a weekend warrior, an Ironman, or you are just beginning your wellness journey – I am here for you. I welcome you and I want to know more about you and your specific goals. ModBody is the place where you can find the strength to be yourself. 

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1st Session!

How are you, today? And, how are you feeling in your body?

These questions are not unheard of in large corporate gyms, but the way we listen to our clients and interact as a team is!

Watch the video, we’d love to see you at ModBody Fitness and help you reach your health goals.

Integrative Wellness Coaching

 Integrative Wellness Coaching is like life coaching for your BODY and overall wellness. Whether it’s a goal you have or a recommendation from your physician, making changes to your routine, your nutrition, exercise, sleep, social behavior, etc, can be really challenging. Count me in as part of your dedicated care team and your network of support. We’ve got your back. You’ve got this