The best advice I could ever give anyone about their diet… is the importance of eating food. Not just any food, but real food. When you visit the grocery store, just think about the layout. On the outskirts you have; veggies, fruits, meats, dairy, eggs. These are mostly fresh and if fresh – have little preservatives. They need to be refrigerated or stored correctly or they go “bad”. Most of these foods do not have an “ingredient list” and if they do… most lists can be counted on one hand. Pretty simple. It’s all that stuff deeper into the center of the store that gets hazy. What are cookies? What are chips? What are tv “dinners”? All of these foods have long ingredient lists… and are hodge podges of this and that, some chemicals, preservatives, etc. What are you eating? Can you pronounce all the ingredients? If you were hungry and you looked up into your cupboard at home – and you saw a can that said “carboxymethyl cellulose” would you pull it down, open it, and eat it? If not, why would you eat it when it is part of your breakfast bars or processed cheese food? The best possible thing I can say is to choose wisely the calories you consume during the day. I personally believe that not all calories are created equally. Our bodies are high quality machines. We depend on our bodies every day and we only get one. Why put in the lowest grade fuel knowing it will ultimately hurt our engine…. when we have the opportunity to use the best? Just some food for thought.