I write this for every person who doesn’t think they “fit in” to athletics. For all of us who have ever entered a gym; walked around, drank some water, sat awkwardly on a machine, and saw people flexing in a mirror – before promptly leaving. Maybe we entered the gym prior to a big event or in recognition of our New Year’s Eve goals – only to have the wind quickly swept out of our sails. Impatient guides showing us around the gym premises and crazy machinery while offering a pressurized sales pitch using words like “dial it in”, “ramp things up”, and “kickstart your program”. Then there was the “testing”. The squat-down and hold, the embarrassing caliper-pinch test, stepping on the scale in the middle of the gym, and BMI “testing” designed to make it clear just how much we “need” to be part of their gym. As if we didn’t know why we were here. It leaves us feeling both fat and out of shape – while utterly deflated at the same time. Invisible.
Looking around, it seems that as we receive our “results”, everyone else in view is in tip top shape and they seem to have all been given the same uniform of stretchy black yoga pants, bright colored tank tops or sports bras, and colorful shoes to match. Visiting all of the gyms that I did over the years, I can’t recall seeing anyone sweating. I just saw the glamour and didn’t feel I’d fit in. This is what I thought fitness was.
Well, I felt this way…….
Until one day, things changed…..