No matter what your current or previous fitness level; you can start working towards your goal – today. You are worth the hard work you’ll put in to accomplish your dreams. Your health is valuable; no matter who you are, who you love, etc. Sometimes, I realizes that being part of the LGBTQ community means that I am not always directly represented on television, in the gym, in advertising, in health studies, in the doctor’s office, etc. We fill out paperwork that still asks if we are “male” or “female”, that asks if we are “married” or “single”, and get “ma’am” or “sir” even when they aren’t accurate. The pressure from within and from outside… can stop us in our proverbial tracks. They can stifle us from making forward progress and from moving towards the goals we make. The gym can be a scary place. What locker room to use? Women use the cardio machines and men use the free weights at the big box gyms… where do lesbians fit in? Are gay men welcome? Are trans people accepted? Are women of size welcome? Are men that like cardio going to be judged? In an uncertain world – stress can build. This makes exercise and self care even MORE important. Alcohol and drug abuse are so high in our LGBTQ community – while the obesity epidemic continues to grow and contribute to our risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and diabetes. Please know that whoever you are – you are loved, valuable, and worth a healthy life. Whether you work out with me, a friend, family, your partner, the gym, a class – please take the steps to make a healthier life. You are beautiful, inside and out. Your body is incredible! It does so much for you every single day. Take care of your heart, your back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck, feet, wrists, shoulders, ….. I could go on and on. You are worth all the amazingness that this world has to offer… and not “because” you are gay, trans, lesbian, queer, etc…. but because you are ALIVE, you are HUMAN, and you are WONDERFUL. Just as you are. STAY wonderful.
Eat Well. Move Well. Live Well. Be Well.