Small Business Saturday

Mini Strength Camp will run from December 4th until December 22nd this year. Join us on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:10am PT, 7:10am PT, or 10:10am PT. It’s a really busy time of year and moving our bodies can help so much with reducing stress, getting higher quality sleep, and keeping our bodies and minds feeling strong and centered. All new or returning participants will also receive a bonus 30 minute one on one check-in with Stacey. Please note that if you sign up for 2 or more 2024 Strength Camp sessions, you’ll receive Mini Camp free as a Bonus! 

Save up to $3,500 on Strength Camp Bundles! (Regular price is $1,350 per 10 week camp)
Each Strength Camp includes BONUS T/Th Awake with Stace active recovery and mobility classes AND a BONUS of (2) one hour 1:1 sessions with Stacey every season. The more seasons you participate in, the bigger the savings. Each Camp is 10 weeks long, with classes M-F (with exception of holidays). Classes meet at 6:10am PT, 7:10am PT, and 10:10am PT (except Summer season which meets at 7:10am PT and 10:10am PT M-F). Much like small group training, you’ll receive support, coaching, feedback and one on one attention at every class you attend. Miss a class? You’ll have access to a library of recorded classes for anytime you need them.

This Awake with Stace series will feature a longer class time at 50 minutes per class and will run a full 10 weeks. We meet virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:10am PT, 7:10am PT, and 10:10am (with exception of holidays). During Summer session classes are only T/Th at 7:10am PT and 10:10am PT. Class is centered around gentle movement, mobility, flexibility, balance, and movements to strengthen propioception and coordination. These classes will often also include a breathing exercise and a short meditation to help you feel ready for your day. This class is an EXCELLENT companion to Strength Camp – so much so, it’s INCLUDED with each Strength Camp season you join. 

Purchase 10 Zoom Personal Training Sessions at a discount until 11/23 at 11:59pm PT. Regular Price for 10 Zoom Personal Training Sessions is $1,200. Discounted sessions expire 3 months from purchase – 3/1/23. No refunds will be given.

Need a little support with your Life, Career, or Wellness? Buy 1 session, get one free! Sixty minutes of dedicated, compassionate coaching by zoom or phone. Let’s talk about what’s on your mind or your heart and create a plan together for next steps. I’ll meet you exactly where you’re at with an open mind, 13 years experience as a movement coach, 10 years experience as Integrative Wellness Coach, and 5 years experience as a Life and Business Coach – with tons of support and resources. We’ll use the first session to plan and the second for follow up and next steps. I can’t wait to have the opportunity and honor to support you in all things life, career, and wellness.