Some sound advice from Dike Drummond, M.D. and original link below:

1) Don’t make a Resolution for the wrong reasons.

Don’t make one when you are drunk, because you think you should or you feel guilty because everyone else has one. Make a resolution because it is something you really, really want to change.

2) Go for “Juicy”

Here are three quick questions to ask to build a Juicy Resolution

a) Why is this resolution important to you?

HINT: If it is not important … fuggid abowdit.

b) What does reaching this resolution get you that you don’t have now?

Close your eyes, take a breath and imagine you have reached this resolution… how does it feel?

HINT: Always go for sweet, juicy, amazing… something that will feel fantastic when you get there.

c) How committed are you to getting this on a scale of 1 to 110?

HINT: If your number is less than 9… just let it go and walk away (or start over).

3) State your Resolution as a Goal

Resolutions are born from wishes, longings and deeply held desires. They have to be translated into GOALS before we can bring them to life. State your resolution as specific and measurable goal. You pass this test when anyone could tell whether or not you have reached it.

– Lose 20 pounds and maintain it for minimum of 6 months – Be in a happy monogamous relationship with a guy I REALLY like for minimum of 3 months – Have a new full time job in marketing making more than $5000/month
[Notice how these are more detailed and specific than the typical low quality New Year’s resolution]

4) Quit Before You Start

The biggest mistake most people make is jumping right in to a new action plan. We don’t see two important obstacles…

a) Our life is ful … there is no room for all these new actions.

b) There is a reason we don’t have this Resolution in our life right now… we have habits that get actively prevent us from having it.

The first step is to stop. Look for things you can STOP doing that are getting in the way of your resolution right now. This gets you out of your own way and makes room for your new actions.

5) Make an action plan

Write down the steps to reach your goal. If you are intimidated by any one step… chunk it down into smaller “bites” until you are more comfortable. Then take that first step. Each step you take will show you the next step more clearly.

6) Get an accountability buddy

Find a friend.

Tell them your resolution and why it is important to you.

Ask them to be your Accountability Buddy.

One 10 minute phone call a week is all it takes.

You tell them your action plan for the week and arrange next week’s call.

Then each week you call and report in. Tell them what you did last week and what you plan for this week.

Whether you did what you planned or not… all they do is ask this question.

“What did you learn?”

HINT: You can become accountability partners and buddy each other if they have a resolution too.

7) Tell everyone you know

Tell everyone you know about your resolution and why it is important to you. They will divide themselves into two camps: supporters and naysayers. You will be amazed how the supporters have kind words, resources and referrals to help you out — things you can’t even imagine right now.

Spend lots of time with your supporters. Stay away from the naysayers. Nuff said.

8) Treat yourself like a dog

No “nose to the grindstone” here. Celebrate every step of this journey… just like you pat your dog on the head and scratch its butt every single time it comes near you.

Promise yourself that no action step is complete until the action is done AND it has been celebrated. Pat yourself on the back. Pump your fist and shout “YES”. Have an ice cream sandwich. The bigger the step on your plan… the bigger the celebration.

9) Set yourself up for success by starting your New Year’s Resolution plan NOW!

The first two weeks in January are a perfect time to really go for your resolution while the rest of the world is in recovery mode from the holidays. Throw your plan into gear on 1/2/2012 and watch good things happen. Here’s to your extraordinary life.

Dike Drummond MD is known as the “Do-Over Doctor”. When you are ready for your do-over, fresh start, reinvention… let Dike show you how to use a “Functional Midlife Crisis” as a major shortcut to living your dreams. Visit his website at or get your copy of the Midlife Crisis Handbook at Amazon’s Kindle Store.
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