Integrative Wellness Coaching

Exhausted Women Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur that has a hard time finding time to exercise, focus on healthy habits, and the support that you need? Is it affecting your business, your energy level, and your commitment to excellence? I can help! 

Hello! I’m Stacey

Certified Personal Trainer & Integrative Wellness Coach

I’m a woman on a mission to help people feel awesome. I believe that we all deserve to be happy, healthy, and to live with ease. Bodies come in all different varieties and so do goals. No matter where you are – I will meet you there and give you the support and resources to keep you safe, comfortable, and having fun. Whether you are an exhausted entrepreneur, a busy parent, a weekend warrior, an Ironman, or you are just beginning your wellness journey – I am here for you. I welcome you and I want to know more about you and your specific goals. ModBody is the place where you can find the strength to be yourself. 

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