Fitness Training & Classes

Personal Training Philosophy
Our method is simple. We’ll teach you how to do everything you can to reach your personal goals…and we’ll leave out the things that won’t help. We’ll help you lay down your roots in any sport and flourish. Crunches? Not in our vocabulary. Fad diets? We don’t like the word “diet” … or “fad” for that matter. Your health… should last your whole life through, not just a few weeks. We’ll teach you the methods to strengthen your core, build stamina, tone, sculpt and build endurance.

Personal Training
With us, you will receive training – that is personalized. You will work one-on-one with a dedicated certified fitness professional. Prior to your first session, you’ll have an opportunity to sit down and speak about your goals, motivation, and tell us how you best feel supported. Our focus is on you, your comfort, your safety and success. Your sessions will be tailor-made with the purpose of helping you meet your specific goals. Whether we come to your home, office or meet at the local park, you can rest assured that you are priority number one.

Personal Training Options
Consistency is the key to success! A custom program will be created for you based on the assessment of you goals and ability during your complimentary session.

New Clients: Your first visit is complimentary. It will be a total of 60 minutes, comprised of a 15 minute assessment, a 30 minute workout, and a 15 minute review of goals and assessment results.

Small Group Strength & Conditioning
Small Group Strength and Conditioning classes are a maximum of 6 athletes. Some classes feature HIIT training while others focus on strength. Classes are varied, fun and challenging. These classes offer less one-on-one personal training, but are a more economical option for people wanting to train more often during the week.

EveryBody Fitcamp
FitCamp classes are fun, challenging, and intense – offered with modifications for every level of athlete. We place a large emphasis on fun, group work, and building community through movement. Everyone is welcome!
Couples Yoga
Couples Yoga for ALL! Bring a friend, spouse, etc! Everyone is welcome. Class is LGBTQIA friendly. A friendly, welcoming, calming environment. Gentle Yoga that can be modified for all! $15 per person
A class for children ages 4 months to 23 months and caregivers of all genders. Relaxing music, group play, focus on upper body, pelvic floor, and core strength and stability. Learn how to share the joy of movement with the little one in your life.
Littles + Bigs
Energetic class for children age 2-4 and caregivers! Find a full-body workout during this 45 minute class! Upbeat music, fun environment, and lots of games and excitement! Work: Balance, stability, propioception, core strength, and coordination.
Seattle Fitness Classes
Classes will include a wide variety of fun exercises, in a bootcamp format. To make the most of your time, classes will begin with active stretching and use of a foam roller for self myofascial release. Groups will be separated for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) making the most of your time, energy, and money. If a toned, strong, and healthy body is what you are looking for, this is the class for you. This class will help condition your cardiovascular system, creating sustainable endurance and strength.